Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Healthy Party Food alternatives...........

I have the same problem every year, my daughter’s birthday is the 23rd of December, and within December and January, there are 8 birthday’s of family members and friends and friends kids. 
I always struggle to find healthier alternatives for party food. You can only eat so much unhealthy, high calorie food, before you start felling really sluggish.

I asked one of my friends, Hannah Bailey, who runs her own business (Wise Choice Nutrition), if she could suggest healthy alternatives, I will definitely be using these suggestions for New Years Eve and for the many parties I will attending/organising/catering in January.

Here are a few suggestions of yummy things to put on their party plate:
  • Vegetable sticks and dips such as houmous
  • Raisins or other dried fruit
  • Cocktail sausages (butchers are best and can be made by cutting chipolatas up)
  • Homemade chicken nuggets
  • Flapjacks, you could add fruit if your child will eat it or chocolate pieces as a treat
  • Homemade biscuits (there are lots of cutters available)
  • Fruit salad
I hope this gives you some ideas for other foods you could put on the plate for slightly healthier party food. If you can, avoid shop bought food such as sausage rolls and pork pies as the quality of meat tends to be poor. Making your own cakes and biscuits means you know exactly what has gone in to them. Although there is sugar used, there are no artificial ingredients added. 

If you would like more suggestions or would like to contact Hannah with any other enquiry, she can be contacted on

Friday, 9 December 2011

Guest Blogger-Nicholson and Co's Xmas tips

Unlike some people, I am an organized person and have all my Christmas
shopping done and wrapped, Christmas trimming up and cards written out, but
for those that haven’t hear is what I would do:

1.      Type a card list … so I have it ready for the following year

2.      Type a present list … again so it is ready for the following year
3.      Print the lists …
4.      Go shopping … first I buy my cards, bags and wrapping paper, then my
presents, cross off the names as you buy them
5.      Wrap & bag them up… Once you have bought them wrap them up ready to be
given out

If you want to save money, shopping online (ebay, etc) is sometime (not

always) cheaper and depending on how many people you have to buy for this
could take a few days.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Nicholson & Co

Sam x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Finally getting to grips with technology

I have always said I am a technophobe and up till now haven't been interested in getting to grips with the new things that keep coming up.
I have seen lots of these QR codes, and didn't really understand what they were until I saw one being scanned on an iphone.
I have decided to get one for my business, to help people get easier access to my website.

Friday, 2 December 2011

2nd December- Christmas Countdown

Todays tips and poem are from Jo at JES solutions.

Countdown to Christmas has started
Decorations pop up everywhere
Lists being sent off to Santa
Excitement starts filling the air
Shopping for presents and goodies
Hiding things under the tree
Nativity shows from the children
And carols being sung in the street
This is the Christmas we all know and love
Work starts again each New Year
But please spare a thought for the rest of the world
And do something to show that you care
Jo's 10 Tips for Christmas

  1. Save time? Christmas pudding and Christmas Cake can be made well in advance.  Meat and veg can be prepared on Christmas eve so you can relax and enjoy the morning

  1. Unique gifts ? make presents for people, children don’t need to give expensive gifts the recipient will be thrilled with something they’ve made, this cuts costs and keeps them busy.

  1. Thinking about others? If you live near old people why not volunteer to post their Christmas cards, you’re posting yours anyway and they’ll appreciate the thought.

  1. Want to delay kids getting up?  Leave their presents downstairs but leave a stocking full of bits & bobs on the bed to keep them entertained if they wake up early.  It always worked when my parents did it.

  1. Need to cut the present list?  How about a hamper for the family instead of buying individual gifts?  You can take advantage of promotions & BOGOFs if you’re doing a few and can easily find treats that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Save money? Children get so fustrated with packaging, buy presents from friends or e-bay, pay a much better price, forget the box and remember if it’s in good working condition that’s all they’re bothered about.

  1. Save money? Try saving supermarket vouchers all year, Tesco vouchers can be exchanged for great gifts that triple in value.

  1. Save money? Why not give services as gifts?  Baby sitting?  Ironing?  Car wash?  I’m sure these would be greatly appreciated, especially if you know a job that someone really doesn’t like.

  1. Save money? Get together with friends and have secret santa rather than all buying lots of presents.

  1. Finally – Plan ahead, which I know is too late for this year but the sooner you start planning for next year the easier and less stressful it will be.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Countdown. 1st December......Top Ten Kiddlylinks Tips for a Great Christmas

Top Ten Kiddlylinks Tips for a Great Christmas

Christmas is coming and we’re all frantically running round like Santa’s little helpers. “It will be fun, it will be fun” we chant like a mantra in our heads willing it to be true. Well now it’s time to stop chanting and start reading. Here’s a list of our top tips to make your Christmas feel like the holiday it should be.

Here goes…

  1. Make room: Take the opportunity to clear out the kids’ rooms and sell any old unwanted toys on eBay, or trade in old DS or Wii games for new ones – this could save you a fortune!
  2. Be prepared. A little late for this year but it’s a great idea to buy all of your Christmas cards, wrapping and crackers in the January sales. They won’t date and you could upgrade from the usual crackers to luxury ones for the same price.
  3. Have a clear out: If you have family and friends staying over you may need to invest in new furniture. If so, don’t through out your old stuff, contact SOVA Recycling who will collect it for a small fee and make it available to someone who needs it or they’ll recycle it responsibly
  4. Be honest. As more children appear in the family and our budgets are stretched further, why not suggest that when children arrive you buy for them instead of the adults. They’ll be happy to see their children happy.
  5. If you choose a real Christmas tree trim off a couple of branches from the bottom and use those to make a table centrepiece.  A small block of oasis, any extra greenery from the garden, holly, and a few Christmas baubles make a unique cost effective centrepiece that all the family can help to make.
  6. If you have got that real Christmas tree don’t forget to water it.  Trees drink up to one pint of water a day.
  7. Open Santa presents when the kids get up (my mum always said they disappear if you touch them before sunlight – I daren’t risk it and neither have my kids so far) and if you can try to wait to open the other presents from family and friends until after breakfast.
  8. Buy batteries! 
  9. If possible take the toys out of their packaging, add batteries and remove all those annoying wire tags before then placing it back in the box and wrapping – this makes Christmas morning much easier!!
  10. Have a go at making your own mince pies – they taste so much nicer than shop bought ones.  If you do have a go, try freezing them raw in trays.  You can then transfer them to freezer bags and just warm up a few at a time meaning you always have gorgeous warm mince pies ready in just 10 minutes.

Merry Christmas from all at Kiddlylinks

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Another testimonial..............

I have recieved this testimonial today...............
"Huge thanks to you for all your hard work and assistance with the launch event of JES solutions, our event was a great success and we couldn't have done it without you.  The time & effort you contributed was invalueable and the feedback we have recieved from our guests has been very positive, we were thrilled to have also raised £50 for our nominated charity, PACT.  Thank you once again."
Jo Smith JES solutions

Thank you and Christmas Countdown

I would like to take this opportunity to thank again all the businesses, who took part in my guest blog week.
It was great to find out more about the people involved.

Due to the success of the Guest week I am planning to have a Christmas countdown, with hints and tips from people and organisations, to help your run up to the big day be as smooth and trouble free as possible
This will start tomorrow 1st and will go every day till the 23rd of December, if you want to get involved please don't hesistate to contact me

Sunday, 20 November 2011

5 Habits of a Highly Effective Life and Career Coach
What on earth does a life coach do you may ask?
 I help people from all walks of life discover what they really want to do, and then v importantly, help them DO IT!!  Everyone is different! It can be work issues or personal issues, and often a mixture of both! One lady had a house full of her ex’s old files and rubbish , which made her feel very down when she saw them ,and cluttered the house. She felt unable to ask him to move the stuff, and we talked through this, and she worked out what suited her! It was a really small thing in the end, just putting a few bits in a box by the front door when he came to collect the kids. She was comfortable with this ,and it avoided an argument .Gradually he took the box and then one day, unprompted he said ‘ I really must clear the attic ‘, and because we had talked about this she was able to be assertive and say ‘so shall we agree a day to do that ‘. It was just one of the issues she worked on, but made a big difference to her. She regained confidence and was able to be more assertive with her ex after that conversation. She got her house and own space back, and then she re-decorated the room to make it ‘her own’.  You can find more information all about how Life coaching works at
Join our Empty Nesters Club!

Lots of my friends’ kids left home for college or Uni this autumn. Talking to them I heard a range of emotions and decided to set up an Empty nesters Club, to help people plan for an exciting new start when their kids have left! We ran pamper sessions at Snap Deli at banner Cross, and had lots of takers.

Whether you’re feeling low and missing your offspring or rubbing your hands in glee at the prospect of not having to wrestle with your kids for time in the bathroom or the TV remote, one thing’s for sure, a spot of ME TIME is long overdue!
Give yourself a big pat on the back for a 'job very well done' and learn to spoil yourself again while picking up tips for reigniting your career ,set up a business and get back your zest for life at our Empty Nesters Club.

The Empty Nesters Club Team @ fabcoach!/fabcoach
 and @theCVwriter!/theCVwriter on Twitter

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Blog post from Kreative Factory

Be Purposeful – by Conrad Frankowski

What do you think about your branding? Is your brand consistent and purposeful or has it been left alone to evolve into its default mode? Do you like your brand and more importantly, do people recognise your brand? Keep reading...

First of all, what is branding? Well, in theory branding is “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers." All well and good but not good enough. Brand is an identity of your products and services. It’s like a living being, it evolves, changes, ages and sometimes dies. And to clear the biggest misconception of our times...

Branding is my logo... Isn’t it?
Hmm, let me think a sec... No! Branding starts with your logo, but incorporates a lot more than that.  Your branding covers every aspect of your business - your logo, stationery, online presence, uniforms, product packaging, company cars – you name it. And if you’re a one-man band and don’t need all these fancy things, remember that YOU are a brand. The way you look, speak and smell is part of your branding strategy – that’s how far branding goes.
Uniqueness is the selling point of modern business and people don’t buy your products but they buy you. Maybe “buy” is not a good word but they “invest” not in your product or service, but in “You” as a brand that gained their trust. In the end of the day you are an individual and personal branding is the best solution for you. Personal branding makes you instantly recognisable: like a corporate brand, it packages you. From your career, to your appearance, to your accent - it all becomes a part of your personal brand. Even your tiny flaws, make them work for the advantage of your brand!

What does branding do?
Well, in fact it does a lot of things. Creates a professional presentation (or not) and shows that your business is serious about being in business, or that you’ve thrown a few things together hoping it will make you some money.
But seriously, the most important function of your branding is to create an image in the mind of the potential client, so that when they see your product or logo around, they will possibly have some brand recognition, and people will also remember a unique “message” you try to convey.  When they next need your product, that “image” will be what pops into their heads well and truly before your name! And do you know why? Because your clients need to know that they can trust you and your brand.
Make your brand purposeful!
In the world of marketing we talk about two different types of branding. Purposeful branding and branding by default.
Branding by default is basically throwing some marketing ideas together, buying a logo and hoping that will “happen and evolve” to the level where it makes money and people remember about it. If you want to give your business the best chance to have a “unique image” that will help sell your product or service, a professional image and something that will stick in the minds of consumers giving you the best possible chance of success then you need to be purposeful about your branding. You need to find the branding solutions suitable for your business and in line with your business strategy. If you’re a small business, well known within the local community, don’t go for a massive corporate look. Your clients will feel cheated. They won’t buy it thinking “Hey, he’s ain’t one of us anymore and probably looking for an opportunity to stitch us!”
But remember, your brand is always YOUR brand. It will reflect on your business and on many occasions on you as an individual. Invest your time and money, call for re-enforcements, keep asking question and for God sake, make it work! Don’t leave your brand default, don’t settle for mediocrity. Make it count, make it to have purpose. And we all want to have a purpose, don’t we?

Conrad Frankowski is a Creative and Managing Director at Kreative Factory Ltd., Kidderminster-based creative agency. Conrad has over 11 years of experience working with well known brands (like H&M and T-Mobile) and is now one of the leading graphic design and creative industry experts. You can always get in touch with Conrad and his Team on

Friday, 18 November 2011

Guest blog post from JES Solutions

Huge thanks to Scarlett Parties for inviting us to be a guest blog this week, who are we?  Oh yes, we’re JES solutions.  We are 2 people trying to join the world of business, which isn’t easy in the current climate.  After a couple of very trying years with health and work problems, we decided to put our heads together and work for ourselves.

But what should we do?  Well to everyone else it was obvious, to us every idea, every avenue was lined with problems – lack of funds, powerful competition & numerous other blind spots, it was very scary.  Eventually we decided to follow our head and do what we know we’re good at; we put all our ideas together, what we could do, how we could do it…..then the name!  What on earth would we call this new business?  So we asked around….. Don’t be too similar to others!  Don’t make it too long!  Don’t let it say too much!  Beware of initials, they get muddled!  OMG where do we start?  Well, our names are Jo & Simon, we have a son called Ethan and our aim is to help & resolve issues in our field and so JES solutions was formed, that’s “JES” not “J-E-S”.

JES solutions provide bespoke management systems for H&S, Quality Assurance and the Environment.  We have practical, achievable options in place for companies of all sizes and are very keen to help new businesses overcome the legal requirements that you can often be unaware of.  JES solutions only began trading earlier this year but are thrilled to have helped a number of businesses already, we have met some fantastic, inspirational people with great business, enthusiasm and & a wonderful sense of camaraderie.  The want to help others is admirable and we hope we can do the same.  We are strong believers in helping others, doing what we say we will, first class customer service & value for money.

To help us get started we will be hosting our official launch 4-6pm on Thursday 24th Nov at the Retford Enterprise Centre.  This is a free networking event and all businesses are welcome, if you’d like to know more go to
The event is being supported by a number of local businesses inc Scarlett Parties, so why not come along and see what they can do too.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blog Post from Very Delicious Ltd

Marshmallow cakes

Hi I’m Fiona from Very Delicious Ltd and I’ve been baking most of my life and love nothing more than sharing the simplest yet most effective recipes.  I remember these marshmallow cakes from my childhood being allowed to get covered in chocolate and then licking the bowl clean.  If you’re stuck for ideas for catering for your son or daughter’s birthday party then these are the perfect answer.  They are always a hit when we cater for a child’s birthday party and now we’re prepared to show you how.  There is no cooking involved so they’re fun for the whole family to join in with.  Below are step by step instructions.


200g milk chocolate (I personally chose dairy milk but most supermarkets offer a cheaper alternative
A bag of pink and white marshmallow
Tube of smarties (with some spare for munching on)
Petit four cases


Glass bowl

1.    Break the milk chocolate into pieces and melt in the microwave on defrost
2.    Whilst the chocolate is melting place 30 petit four cases onto a tray or large plate
3.    Empty the tube of smarties (whilst resisting eating them) into a small bowl
4.    Once the chocolate has melted thoroughly place a good dollop in the bottom of each case
5.    Stick a marshmallow upside down in each case
6.    Dot a small amount of the remaining milk chocolate onto the top of each marshamallow
7.    Stick a Smartie on top of each marshmallow
8.    If you’re in a hurry to tuck in you can place the marshmallow cakes in the fridge so they set quicker

I know it doesn’t sound much but kids love being able to help in the kitchen and they’ll be delighted them can bake with minimal supervision required. 

Have fun experimenting I’ve tried them before with white chocolate with chocolate buttons on top.  The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps you’ll find it’s not just the kids wanting to eat them ;)

To contact Fiona, her details can be found on her website

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 3 Guest Blogger- Global Ice Sculptures Ltd

Global Ice Sculptures Ltd – The People behind the Business

Global Ice Sculptures create unique and distinct Ice Sculptures, Ice Table Centrepieces, Ice Bars, Vodka Luges and Ice Table Plans of any shape or size, to match any party theme for both private and corporate clients, and the company are exceptionally proud to have had their work recognised by being shortlisted for the prestigious Event Production Awards 2012 to be held in Olympia, London.
An icy career was the only option for owner Glenn Harding, whose father was in the refrigeration and ice business before him.
Glenn launched a company supplying ice cubes into London’s clubs and bars in the 90s, but after seeing the ice sculpture craft on a family/busman’s (!) holiday on the other side of the world in Australia, he had the idea to extend his product range and Global Ice Sculptures Ltd was born!
All Global Ice Sculptures’ work is bespoke and hand-carved, and there is a team of sculptors lead by Head Carver Nopporn Satjavata.
Art school educated, Nopporn learnt to carve in the hotel industry – sculpting ice and fruit for prestigious hotels (including the Hilton group) throughout the world and winning awards both in Thailand and Japan before settling in London and deciding to concentrate on ice carving for its variety, challenge and versatility.
Ice carving is a real art as the Hairy Bikers recently discovered when they came to the studio to sculpt a vodka luge for their Christmas Special! They had lots of fun, but definitely left the finer detail to the professionals!!

We work with a number of TV production companies as they really seem to appreciate the ‘wow’ factor and the possibility of creating something entirely unique and not to mention fun too!
Another recent TV commission was from Channel 5 for Celebrity Big Brother 2011. An icy ‘46’ vodka luge was secretly smuggled into the Big Brother garden and was the centrepiece of a raucous party to celebrate Darryn Lyons’ (aka Mr. Paparazzi) birthday.
The launch of Big Brother on Channel 5 gave the channel its highest ever ratings for an entertainment show and Glenn remarked at the time “We’re used to providing sculptures for large events, but I think this is the first time one of our pieces has been viewed by 5 million!”.
While each ice sculpture is bespoke, it is part of our work to pre-empt demand and inspire – so the creative team look to trends in the events industry and work on a new range each season (much like the fashion industry).
Excitingly, and hot-off the press, we have just launched something entirely new – Luge In A Box!

Essentially, it’s an inexpensive drinks luge (vodka, soft drinks or whatever your tipple) that’s delivered to the door (in a box!) for an ultimate party centrepiece. It’s just such a fun and novel idea, and we think it’s going to be really big for private parties this Christmas and New Year as something just that little bit different!
Glenn’s partner Clair is also very much a part of the company and when they’re not working the couple like to be out in the countryside with their three gorgeous labradoodles Coco, Kimber and Cookie.

Global Ice Sculptures Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0) 800 612 7572
Twitter: @GlobalIceUK

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Guest Blog from Slabads- The man behind the business

A little in-sight to who is John Toal from SlabAds & Twitter @jtfaelivi:

I am a happily married father of 5 & glad to say my life is good, can be very hectic with a full-time job, a wife who works & in full-time college too, but our life would be so boring without work & college....Oh sorry forgot about my 5 little terrors.....I mean how could I?
We wouldn't change it for the world even though we currently stay in a 2-bedroom house(converted into 3), as the house prices are too high for what space we would actually like, our house maybe full of stress & madness but we have the most important thing of all "Love", if my wife & I didnt share the love we do, our house/lives would collapse under the strain.

Having a family & especially so many children can be quite daunting, & sometimes we feel jealous of our friends who have 1,2 or 3, they dont know how hard it really is, most of all for my amazing wife Cat who is left every morning with a teenager who deosnt want to help, a 9 year old boy who freaks when he has to shower, & 3 little girls(4 yr old & twins 3) who just run around in excitement, which brings me to what I do first thing in the morning, put clothes on, let dog out & eat cereal until time to go.

I work for a printing company who has been running for over 100years, & my job is to support the NTS (National Trust for Scotland)contract, making sure all 47 properties have there items sent to them as requested for the shop floor, & the online shop which can be busy too!!
My other passion (workwise) is, which specialise in Low Cost Advertising & promoting Small Business & sole traders online, this was actually started by Jimmy Web as a Business directory & funnily enough an advertising page for business to use a Slab to advertise, I got talking with him one day & ideas starte flying around, & we decided that to market the brand on a larger scale, we should change the website from Lanarkonline(LOL) tp, this was launched on the 6th of June 2011 & on that day we had 1,000 hits within the first two hours, since then we have exceeded the 100,000 hits per month, and looks to be increasing all the time, our SlabAd client base has grown dramatically & lost of opportunities & changes are being implemented all the time.

Our most recent venture released on Tuesday(9th) for Media Advertising on Mobile phone charge points, these are situated in two very busy places, Braehed Xscape & Glasgows Forge shopping mall, these two alone have visitors exceeding 2million per year!!

I think you will be seeing alot more of in the next six months, & hopefully my goal of working from home & meeting people face to face, will be happening very soon, I am a peopple person & connect much better face to face, & people find it harder to say NO or you can discuss what you want from the business/service.

I hope you have enjoyed my little in-sight to who John Toal from SlabAds really is, & thanks again to Becki for allowing me to post this!!

If you have any question please  use the following:

John Toal
Sales Director/Clients Promoter
07891 445671
Twitter @JTfaelivi

Monday, 14 November 2011

Guest Blogger Week- Wise Choice Nutrition

I set up Wise Choice Nutrition after completing my degree in Public Health Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam in 2010. When I left university there were very few nutritionist jobs and the competition was fierce. I wasn’t interested in applying for jobs there was little chance of getting, I wanted to do something else. When I sat my final exams in May 2010, I knew what I was going to do but I kept it a secret until I was sure of what I was going to do and how the business would operate.
So Wise Choice Nutrition was born on the 1st August  2010, providing online menu plans for families, for weightloss and a bridal package as well as phone and email support. The advice I offer is based on making small changes which have a long term impact as they become habit.
Taking that first step was frightening but with the support of my family and close friends behind me I knew I could do it and make it work. Reaching my first birthday was definitely a very proud day of my life.
From a young age, I have always enjoyed cooking. I have a photo of me about 18 months old, stirring cake mixture with my Mum! At school, I studied food technology until the end of A Levels and whilst I enjoyed the product development side of the course, the nutrition and health side was always fascinating to me. It was only natural to then go on and study a food related course at university. The degree fascinated me but it also made me aware of how little the public know and how confusing the media can make health related topics. I wanted to help people understand what government messages meant for them and they could be implicated in everyday life. 

I knew that I would end up self-employed at some stage in my life, my parents have been self-employed for years and I was inspired to follow in their footsteps. The more I heard other people complain about their jobs, the more attractive self employment became. I find it incredibly satisfying knowing it is you that has made a difference to someone’s life. I can keep in touch with clients and offer continuing support to help them maintain their weightloss and lifestyle changes.
For more information visit

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Guest Blogger Week

As a lot of you may have already realised, tomorrow is the start of my Guest blogger week. 
Please feel free to comment on the blogs I will post each day, and of course, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact myself or the Guest blogger.
I have had a phenomenal number of requests to be my guests, and I thank you all, and hope I have selected a variety of different people to tell you a bit about themselves and their businesses.
If I find you have all enjoyed my guest week, I will repeat it again in the New Year

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Two more happy customers

I love it when I recieve positive testimonials, I have been lucky enough to have two come through in the same week 

The first is from Samantha Nicholson, who runs The Network Sheffield

"I highly recommend Becki of Scarlett Parties to organise/event management any event you may be planning from a child’s party to a corporate event.

Becki recently helped me organise and theme a Halloween networking event for The Network.

She did a fantastic job and known just what I wanted.

Please visit our facebook page to check out the photos of Becki’s work:!/groups/204088159602842/."

The second is from a client, who I recently did a Willy Wonka themed party for

"I organised my daughter 13th birthday party through Scarlett P,arties they were very helpful and friendly and came up with loads of useful idea's, we themed the party as Willy Wonka which 
everyone thought was a great idea and was a hugh success. Scarlett Parties organise 
everything from the party bags to the DJ and the room decoration which all looked fab. I would 
recommend Scarlett Parties to everyone as it made organising a party easy and hassle free, we just turned up and everyone enjoyed the occasion."
Emma Cousens, Doncaster

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Guest Blogger week

I have been asked over the past few months to appear on several blogs as a guest writer, so thought it was about time I returned the favour.
Next week (starting Monday) I will publish a different blog each day, in a bid to show the people behind the businesses.
I have some very different businesses getting involved, so please feel free to comment on the posts and get involved. 
If it is a sucess and your feedback is positive, I will be having another guest blogger week after xmas.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Finally got my SBS (Small business Sunday) badge

I won the #SBS award back in July, (for those of you that don't know it stands for small business sunday, and Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den) selects 6 small businesses every sunday to retweet to all his followers).
Although a lot of people were immediate in getting a rosette in celebration, it has taken me a while.
My rosette has been kindly designed for me by Dylan at Aqua Design groups.

I haven't decided which one to use, so suggestings are welcome

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Happy Customer

It is lovely to recieve feedback from events, letting me know I have done a good job, but even better when the testimonial is as good as this, it is worth sharing, straight away

"We had the pleasure of working with Becki from Scarlett Parties when we asked her for some help in organising a murder mystery party for 70 people.
Becki was responsible for theming the marquees. Her attention to detail was amazing and we able to have a realistic scene of crime at all the tables.
Hard working, creative and a good listener, all the attributes needed to a successful party organiser"
Bob and Sarah Brown