Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas is coming............

Its been a while since I have had time to blog, I have had a very busy few months, organising business exhibitions and business dinners, as well as trying to keep the family home ticking over and the kids fed.
This time of year is hectic for everyone, but I didn't make my life easy, my wedding anniversary is the 14th December and my darling Daughter turns 5 on the 23rd December. Of course this means we are having a birthday party, but being me, not just any birthday party!!!

We have invited the whole class to a disco party, so I expect I will be needing a very large glass (or 2 of wine) come 5pm on the 15th December.

As well as all this chaos going off I also have the Rovers birthday parties that are still going on, plus my other clients, and all the work for my other company The Network.

I won't be relaxing Christmas Day either as I have my parents for Christmas Dinner, so will be running around all day.

It will all be worth it in the end!!! (I hope)

A few tips I have picked up from friends and families over the year for celebrations of what ever kind over the festive period.

Christmas Day- Keep one small gift back from the present unwrapping session, and leave it on the chairs around the table, gives that extra unexpected surprise

Christmas Period- Buy the cheapest crackers from the supermarket, usually £1 for 12, take them to pieces and replace the cheap rubbish gift with a personalised present for each guest, adding a gift tag for each person, this then can double up as a place setting

Birthday over the Christmas break- instead of each party guest leaving with a party bag full of bits, have a large sack of small gifts and let them luck dip for a gift as they leave.

Hope these few hints help you get through the festive season

I know its early, but Merry Christmas :)