Monday, 16 December 2013

The Party Challenge............. The Results

My original challenge was to hold a complete party for 30 children for the cost of a month's family allowance (2 children = £134.80)

The Total spend was
Room Hire              £30
DJ                            £70
Party Bags              £ 20.62
Pizza x3                   £1.80
Sausage Rolls x2   £1.00
Plates                      £1.50
Napkins                   £0.50
Cups                        £1.00
Bread x2                  £0.96
Cheese                    £2.00
Ham                         £0.75
Juice x2                   £0.92
Crisps x3                £1.98
Balloon                    £1.00

Total                      £134.03

I managed to cater for the whole party (minus the cake, that mum kindly made) for 77p less than the budget

The most important thing was that Scarlett and all her friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and all slept very well last night.

Mum's cake as predicted was the star of the show, and I am fortunate that I have mum to call on, but you can buy shop bought birthday cakes for about £3, so just by not buying the balloons, one less bag of crisps, you wouldn't be much over the budget.

The whole cost worked out to be £4.47/child 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Party Challenge

As most of you know by now, my Daughter Scarlett turns 5 on the 23rd December.

 I have set myself a challenge of holding her a birthday Party for her whole school class, plus a few extra kids, approx 30, for the total of £134.80 (this is the monthly family allowance I get for having 2 children) 

I want to firstly see if it is actually possible and secondly how far this much money will stretch to in today's climate.

So far I have hired a room in the local church, this has cost me £30 for 3 hours, so 2 hour party, and half an hour each way to set up and clear up.

I have hired a specialist kids disco company, to come and play One Direction (Scarlett's Favourite) and friends at all the children for 2 hours. This has cost me £70.

I have bought all the party bags supplies for £20.62, of, and have spent £2.80 on 3 pizzas and 2 large bags of Sausage rolls.

I have asked my mum to make the cake, nothing to fancy, but she is wonderful, so no doubt it will be a masterpiece.

This leaves me a budget of £11.38 to get paper plates, napkins and cups, Bread, Sandwich fillers, Squash, crisps and anything else I will need.

I think it will be tight, but I will let you know..........................

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hectic times both personally and professionally

The last few months have been eventful, to say the least, on the 4th October my Daughter went into hospital for a tonsillectomy, which under normal circumstances is a very straight forward procedure, but of course not in our case.
She had been diagnosed with sleep apnia which meant an over night stay on HDU, when they finally let us come home, she spend the first few days waking every few hours, but was refusing to take pain relief unless it was pink. 4 days post op she wasn't eating and her mouth smelt like something had died, so off to the GP's we went, to discover we have a lovely post op infection, a weeks worth of antibiotics were prescribed, and we thought that this would be the end of it, but oh no!
The antibiotics removed the lining of my daughters intestines meaning she was incapable of absorbing all the food as it passed through her bowel, meaning she was suffering from very loose motions (sorry if you are eating) We were advised this would take time to heal.
The 2 weeks she was advised to have off school turned into 3, and luckily, we managed to get her back to school 3 weeks and 2 days after the operation.
She turns 5 on the 23rd of December, has grown 3 inches since the operation, no longer snores, or stops breathing in the night, and now eats me out of house and home. I don't regret pushing for her to have the operation, now that it is all over.

The same time my daughter was ill, I was in the midst of organising a Halloween expo for The Network and also was starting the preparations for the annual South Yorkshire Business Awards ceremony, put on by The Network every year.

Both events did go ahead as planned, and were a great success (or I hope they were), I am not sure if my insanity is intact now. but I am back to fighting weight again and raring to go in 2014.

I just have the small matter of the birthday party, she has invited her whole class, plus a few extras. I will then hopefully be able to relax a bit and think about Christmas