Saturday, 21 June 2014

Oh well that didn't last long..................

The world cup dream is over for another 4 years, but don't worry sports fans, Wimbledon starts next week!

I have had a busy week trying to juggle commitments with the kids, and my work, and it is only going to get worse as my other half is working in America for the next week.

I have school runs, school dinners (visiting with my son before he starts school), and after school clubs to juggle along side meetings, and other work commitments, not that I am complaining as I love being busy.

I may even plan a little get together of family and friends over the next few weeks, a bbq and a few drinks maybe, as seems ages since we all got together, might try and arrange around the either the World cup final or the Wimbledon final depending who gets to the respective finals.

Hope you all have some nice parties or get togethers planned whilst the weather is  nice, cause being Britain you can guarantee it won't last.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weather getting warmer, and the footy is on

Not that we would notice today, but the weather is starting to get warmer, the nights are getting longer, and to make everyone jealous, the footballers are enduring temperatures of 35.

Whether you like football or not, this is the perfect time for that impromptu party you have been trying to throw and putting off for whatever reason.

Whether you have a tiny garden, or a vast estate, it doesn't take much to put a party together.

A bbq is the perfect answer for an outside occasion, but a buffet can work just as well, a couple of cheap buckets from a DIY store, filled with bottles of drinks and ice, a bit of music and the party has been thrown!!!

To extend the party past dusk, fairy lights from the Christmas tree, placed around the garden, can give that bit of glamour and also a bit of light, as well as solar lights and candles.

If you want to roll with the world cup theme, flags from the teams competing around the garden, and the games playing on the telly (either outside, or in the living room) can add to the atmosphere.

Hope you take the opportunity to get creative and throw that long overdue party, send me photos if you do would love to see them and will show the best ones in future blogs

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