Sunday, 7 December 2014

My little side line business

It started as me simply making a few bits and bobs first to decorate my tree and then for the kids to have special personalised items. My daughter is called Scarlett and it is quite difficult to find her name in the many ranges of named items.
I made both kids a Santa sack with their names across the front, and some mini stockings to make my tree look a bit more individual. This lead to a few friends asking me to make them sacks for their children, and then I started chatting to one of the mums of my kids friends, she asked me about the bag I was carrying, which I had made, and she asked me if I could make a sack for her son, I then got 4 more orders from school and then subsequent orders for sacks, stockings and even some of the mini stockings.
I am really enjoying making them and still have time to make a few more before Christmas if anyone would like them.
The sacks are £20 each, the stockings £10 and the mini stockings are £10 for ten.
I can personalise the mini stockings to make a garland, these work out at £1.50 per letter.
Please email for more information, or to order any Christmas items.
I also make tote bags
This is one I made with a butterfly on, these are £10 each, and can even have your name stitched on. So far my designs for these are butterfly and flowers, but shout up with any ideas you have