Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New direction

As you all know for the last 5 years I have been running Scarlett Parties and also have been involved with The Network Foundation CIC.
I have both kids now in full time education, and feel the time is right for me to return to my career as a mad scientist.
As of the 1st September I will be working in a local school as a laboratory technician.
I will still be running both The Network and Scarlett Parties but will be less visible at meetings and via telephone and social media during working hours (term time)

Please do keep contacting me, I will respond, it might just take me slightly longer

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A fantastic review- Party in a Box

I have been offering the Party in a box range on my website for approximately 6 months, and have received loads of comments, today I received a review of the product as a whole, and I couldn't wait to share it with you. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Party in a Box" set -

This has to be one of the cutest sets I have had for any of my children's/nephews/nieces birthdays. 
My nephew is currently crazy about the show with Mickey being his favorite character and we knew we wanted to somehow incorporate this into his party for his 4th birthday. 
This box of goodies arrived swiftly and was a great pleasure to receive as inside had everything needed to make the party extra special on our chosen theme. 
The design is great and of high quality but what I loved the most was how much easier they have made sorting the loot-bags. Lot's of little goodies popped into the loot bag's meant we only had to add a few sweeties and of course a slice of birthday cake. There is also a lovely pack of Mickey confetti which I used to sprinkle over the party food table which gave it that extra special touch... 
Another thing that is well worth a mention is the gift for the birthday child. We actually decided to use this as the main prize in the pass the parcel collaborating on the rest of the theme of the party, it certainly was a huge hit with the little ones! 
All in all I would highly recommend this set to anyone simply for the ease, speed, quantity and of course the main point being great quality!! Scarlett Parties & Events will most certainly be my first point of call for my daughters up and coming birthday later this year! :)

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For the full range of Party in a box, please visit

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Good and Bad customer service

In the last week I have experienced both ends of the spectrum of customer service.
I have commended the 2 companies for their excellent customer service, on public forums, and the other end of the scale is still on going.
Helpful friendly staff, that solve issues and respond quickly to queries, are the most important thing for any company.
All 3 experience this week, 2 good and 1 extremely bad, are large, national companies, who have loads of staff and make millions every year.
Costa and Sainsbury's both responded to queries, solved my problems and staff were very friendly and helpful.
My company is only small but I pride myself on customer service. If I can do it, the larger companies should be able to aswell.

Once my issues with the other nation company are resolved I will let you know who they are and the outcome.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Emergency party plan

The weather is horrible, but birthdays keep coming, tomorrow both my kids have been invited to play centre party, that is a 20/30 minute drive away, if the predicted snow falls tonight unfortunately there will some very disappointed 5 and 6 year olds.
I was talking to the birthday girls mum, and asked her if she had a contingency plan, to this I just got a blank look.

My daughters birthday is a couple of days before Christmas, so I always have a plan B in case the weather is too bad to get to the party destination.

I have a box, which I collect things throughout the year, items I can quickly make party bags out of and also small gifts that can be used for pass the parcel and other prizes for games.

I would advise everyone who has a birthday in the winter months to have a "box" to avoid disappointed children.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fantastic testimonial

Just before Christmas I was involved in the organisation of a surprise party (joint 40th and Engagement) for a fantastic lady/couple, I have received this testimonial today

"I've known Becki for a number of years and attended several of the events she had put together and every time she delivered a brilliant service, I was looking to put together a join Engagement/Birthday party and asked Becki to help out, I was extremely busy with work so Becki offered to go the extra mile and even reached out to contact all the people I wanted to attend the event.

The food, the venue, the decorations was all supplied and or organised by Scarlett Parties and even managed to have custom made banners and cakes made too, from start to finish the process was incredibly simple and the end result was nothing short of amazing.
Family and friends from all parts of South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Liverpool and Wales attend the party all of which were equally impressed with the event and the icing on the cake was I even had some budget left.

Top class service who I would have no doubt in referring to everyone I know."