Sunday, 22 February 2015

Good and Bad customer service

In the last week I have experienced both ends of the spectrum of customer service.
I have commended the 2 companies for their excellent customer service, on public forums, and the other end of the scale is still on going.
Helpful friendly staff, that solve issues and respond quickly to queries, are the most important thing for any company.
All 3 experience this week, 2 good and 1 extremely bad, are large, national companies, who have loads of staff and make millions every year.
Costa and Sainsbury's both responded to queries, solved my problems and staff were very friendly and helpful.
My company is only small but I pride myself on customer service. If I can do it, the larger companies should be able to aswell.

Once my issues with the other nation company are resolved I will let you know who they are and the outcome.

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